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A glimpse into digital damnation

Base image originally posted to Flickr by Andy Hay. Modified by the author.

“This Snow Crash thing — is it a virus, a drug, or a religion?”

Juanita shrugs. “What’s the difference?”
Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

Science knows humans respond to outrage. Trigger a fight or flight response, even with words, and you’ve got an active human. …

The legendary comedian can’t claim both titles

Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Original image by John Bauld

Dave Chapelle has made a career out of pushing the envelope. Chapelle’s Show both shocked and enlightened with its witty exploration of American racial tensions. Sixteen nominations and seven wins, the critically acclaimed show received Emmy nods and awards from the BET and NAACP.

The ground breaking series took down…

And why you’ll keep losing unless we demand a change

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

If you believe the Democrats won the 2020 election cycle, you haven’t been paying attention.

Nor can we, the voters, call this a win. Ten months in we have more dysfunction, more of the same. The only true winner here? Not the Republican party.

No, the clear winner is Donald…

Finding my way home

South Sister Peak, Oregon — photo by author

With all the traveling, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get back to Montana.

The trails there will spoil you. Catch them in the spring and they’re a riot of color bathed in a sun so close the warmth burns through even the chilliest breeze. …

With the enemy identified, it’s time to go to war

Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

Democracy can die in many ways. Lately, we’ve been convinced that a threat looms on the horizon. That our own neighbors will rise up against us. They’ll replace democratic rule with communism or fascism. Our every effort must be directed to stop them. A heroic narrative for our fabricated war…

Blinded by scapegoats, America refuses to face its one true enemy

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

America is gung ho about its wars. The country has been at war since its inception. Unable to get enough as these conflicts spread farther and farther away from our shores, we fabricated new narratives to pretend the citizenry here understood the utter devastation we wrought elsewhere.

We declared war…

Banks, and the ultrawealthy in general, have been given carte blanche to lord over us "commoners" in the US. It's a straight up oligarchy masquerading as democracy. "Too big to fail" had to be the moment they knew they had it all to themselves. Already they knew they enjoyed a different system of justice, but at that moment they understood they had the full backing of the US government to bail them out regardless the crimes they committed. I can only imagine this ends badly. The guillotine is an apt image choice.

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“Don’t tell me you launch on the twenty-sixth as well,” her father said.

The 3-D printer hummed before him, spinning out wooden filament from a dense spool. Pia knew the code for the Burdwan owl being produced by heart. …

How “charitable” foundations built from lifetimes of exploitation became monuments to their egos

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Billionaire Walter Scott died this week at age 90. A construction magnate and board member for Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, he learned his lessons about American finance from the wizard himself and learned them well.

During his life, Scott donated to numerous high profile construction projects around his hometown of…

There’s nothing to imagine. It’s already here

Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

In his latest Medium article, The Unimaginable, Cory Doctorow addresses what he sees as a common dilemma for science fiction authors. This dilemma arises as an amorphous void in the work of visionaries such as William Gibson and Kim Stanley Robinson. …

Russ Linton

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