Russ Linton
2 min readFeb 14, 2022


All the critiques of blockchain tech but I have yet to see alternatives aside from "add more regulation to fiat currency!"

So how's that going for us?

Nowhere. Because our current political system is owned by moneyed elites and based on entrenched ideologies intent on disenfranchising the poor.

In the US, we'll never disentangle money from politics. For example, there's currently legislation to prevent senators from trading stock, for instance. Great development! Stop insider trading! Yay!


Anybody else wondering why this is suddenly bipartisan on the eve of a recession? When those who are trading on insider info have all already moved their stocks into safer assets anyway?

That law, assuming it ever passes, will sunset the moment the economy turns around.

Can a blockchain become centralized? Sure. Worst case, it offers us the same bullshit system we have now.

But that isn't a foregone conclusion. This is a dynamic space. Stuff actually happens here aside from the entrenchment of old ideologies. DAOs and other methods of governance are seeking ways to confront the centralization problem. Can you truthfully say that for the status quo?

No. I can think of a handful of movements and they're all being told to STFU by "red" and "blue" who seem to believe only single party dominance is the solution to our democracy... (wrap your brain around that bullshit.)

Will mining destory the planet? Only if we don't get off our asses and convert to renewables yesterday - something we've needed to do for, well, ever.

And it's somehow bad that the crypto industry has acknowledged this problem and is working actively on alternatives? Christ, that's 100 times faster than the empty promises and cyclical obstructionism we keep getting from Washington.

You can't blame these problems on crypto and blockchain tech. They are pre-existing.

What blockchain does do is offer an alternative to the miserable fiat Ponzi scheme (where wealth does certainly ONLY trickle upward).



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