I almost read this article but then I realized there were millions of other articles out there to read and so I decided it had no value...

As others pointed out, supply and demand isn't the issue here. An NFT is a trackable, non-reproducible, digital asset. NFTs allow a way to finally monetize and track the ownership of digital content along with creating limited runs of that content.

But here, you seem to be saying, for instance, a deed to house will soon have no value because there's potentially trillions upon trillions of pieces of paper in circulation.

Whatever asset is attached to the NFT will determine the value. Just like the way the market works today with physical goods.

I keep seeing this mistake made over and over., even with Bitcoin. The fact that it has been assigned a fiat currency value is largely irrelevant. That you can finally have peer to peer transactions without all the bureaucracy and made up infrastructure? That people can trade things in a secure yet publicly verifiable way reliant on none of the traditionally opaque services and banks and governments and whatever else is trying to get a piece of that transaction? THAT'S where the value is.

Nomad, science fiction author, cryptocurrency miner, trailblazer.

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