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Nomad, science fiction author, cryptocurrency miner, trailblazer.

I almost read this article but then I realized there were millions of other articles out there to read and so I decided it had no value...

As others pointed out, supply and demand isn't the issue here. An NFT is a trackable, non-reproducible, digital asset. NFTs allow a way to finally monetize and track the ownership of digital content along with creating limited runs of that content.

But here, you seem to be saying, for instance, a deed to house will soon have no value because there's potentially trillions upon trillions of pieces of paper in circulation.

Whatever asset…

Ready for story discovery to be more human powered again.

Tired of the algos. Look, I get it. Gatekeepers used to prevent many voices from being heard. But are we…

Corporations have a vested interest in selling the idea that "freelancing" or "gigging" is the path to wild riches. They can then crowd source their labor for pennies, and escape paying benefits to full time employees. Meanwhile, the labor force suffers a race to the bottom ensues under a desperate flood of job seekers. Sure, outsourcers like Fasulo might get rich by paying slave wages to the crowd to fill her orders, but mostly, people just suffer. Not at all surprised CNBC would push this narrative.

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Darryl slid three quarters into the vending machine and weighed his options. An aging wonder of chrome and glass, the machine held a decidedly limited selection. Darryl liked that. The lack of choice comforted him. Hungry, he would now waste less time deciding.

But which to choose?

The Angel Poofs in their crisp, navy foil gleamed radiantly. Not a substantial meal, but he would feel instant gratification with the sweet goodness melting on his tongue. Darryl though was a Nutty Wafer man. Sandwiched between two hearty slabs of cookie, he felt certain the peanut cream would hit the spot. …

What I choose to believe is that we're in a transitionary period of a revolution. Sucks for us living now, as the almighty dollar will still rule our every waking thought. For the future though, I think an entirely new society is developing. More democratic, empowered by technology and a surge in renewable and sustainable energy. As of now, it's all still intertwined with an obsolete system of valuing paper dollars over life and human effort. Someday, it could be more about equitable rewards and a dream everyone lives, not just one we all aspire to a few jealously hoard. For now though, we're trapped in a hellish limbo. And that's me being optimistic.

But we might not survive the transition.

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Beneath the corporate scheming and political paralysis, a rebellion stirs. Empowered by an age of decentralized communication, everyday people are wielding power unseen in the history of mankind. Whether that power can be harnessed for a common good has yet to be seen.

With the storming of the Capitol, one thing was made clear — even in the most affluent of countries, people are seeking change. While most Americans don’t share the goals and aims of those who participated in that event, they do share the frustration.

Yet as heinous as the attack was, it represents the new future of…

If you seek a source for the unrest, the conspiratorial insanity, and the burgeoning economic inequality gripping America look no further.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

Americans instinctively know a nefarious illness has rooted itself deep inside our republic. Subjected to an inescapable and self-serving political duopoly, they’re divided. Driven to blame one another, they aim their frustration everywhere but the true cause. The resulting chaos threatens to tear apart our nation at the behest of an oligarchic power masquerading as a benevolent force.

This claim will naturally sound like more conspiracy. But articulating the true source of our concern is absolutely necessary so we can begin to hold our representatives and the powers they answer to accountable. …

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There are claims among the former Party of Lincoln that a second vote to impeach President Trump will “divide the nation.” That the country “needs to heal.” Or that impeachment without protracted debate and hearings would be an aberration of procedure.

Let’s work backward up that list as it seems to be the direction those representatives prefer to take.

There is no need for debate. We already held a long, drawn out process with witnesses and statements and investigations. …

But this is why it feels that way…

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The outcry over the shutdown of the conservative haven, Parler, has been strong. Even in the wake of mob violence incited by, and organized on, social media, many believe that shutting down the platform was a step too far.

Any business has a right to refuse service. Step into your local convenience store and start screaming about plans to assault customers or “put a bullet in their noggin,” and you’ll likely be asked to leave or escorted out by the police.

There is nothing technically wrong with Twitter, Amazon, Apple, or Google denying service to companies or individuals who don’t…

Composite image from free, non-attributable sources at Pixabay and Pixy via CC0.

The day after the Capitol was stormed by a mob, Republicans who had previously ridden Trump’s mercurial coattails with glee became suddenly reticent. Shocked. Bewildered. Mick Mulvaney stated that Trump “wasn’t the same man” and tendered his resignation. As though, somehow, since losing the election, his former golden calf had changed rhetoric and tactics.

Mulvaney, the former Chief of Staff and Special Envoy for Northern Ireland, neglected to address the fact that Trump had been decrying the election process since his previous win. How he’d never been able to come to terms with losing the popular vote and insisted the…

Russ Linton

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